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Ottumwa Symphony Orchestra



We work to support the arts in and surrounding the Ottumwa community by bringing live, classical music to the concert stage, hosting a Young Artist Competition, and giving young musicians invaluable opportunities to play among their peers as well as with an experienced group of studied colleagues. By donating, you help us continue this mission to provide support for future generations.

There are two funds available currently via the website to make your contribution: General Fund and Youth Orchestra, a program of the Ottumwa Symphony Orchestra, which is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. A receipt will be sent to you following your donation.

Watch this video highlighting what makes Ottumwa Symphony Youth Orchestra so special.

Thank you for your support to the arts, to the youth, and to our organization.

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Support the Mission

What your support of the Orchestra says about you

Classical music is not for everybody, which is why we program a variety of music for everyone to enjoy. Here are ten qualities of people who regularly attend and support the efforts of the Ottumwa Symphony Orchestra.

  1. ​You’re most likely a suave or classy person.
  2. You recognize that the musicians have dedicated their entire life to music. It is rare to watch this kind of hard work unfold in front of your eyes.
  3. You want to participate in something bigger than yourself.
  4. You love to meet people who also love music.
  5. You like to get all dressed up, go someplace classy, and listen to 55 musicians play at the same time on instruments that are older than this country. 
  6. Going to a concert is like being in a personal movie soundtrack!
  7. You get to see world class guest artists perform alongside some of your favorite musicians in the same place and time.
  8. You like to witness the different instruments, played in perfect concert with one another, to create a masterful sound. It is very much like how we create music in our own lives with the people around us. We all play a different part, yet when played together, it’s a beautiful symphony.
  9. You like to try new things! Each concert is a new adventure that transports you to other places in history.
  10. You realize that there is a big difference between a live concert and a recording. Sometimes, you just need to hear the music in person to really experience it.


Everyone who contributes in any of the above categories will receive a pass admitting the donor and family to all concerts. Single admission tickets are also available at the door before each concert for $25 each.

If you would like your donation earmarked as a sponsorship please indicate that when you submit your payment. Any amount donated above the season ticket price is tax deductible.


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